AUSTRALIA. Litebuilt ( “aerated concrete” technology, used exclusively in many Unibuild projects for pre cast panels and building blocks.

(9022A) Litebuilt Concrete Added to mix.

(9022B) Litebuilt Concrete pouring into precast mould.

(9022C) Fresh poured Litebuilt Concrete panels.

(9022D) Litebuilt Concrete foundations, beams, floor, wall and roof panels.

THAILAND. V-con Australia ( Building material manufacturers.

(Marketing 1) Unibuild & V-con Australia promotion.

(Marketing 2) Unibuild & V-con Australia promotion.

(5739) Low cost housing plan. National Housing Authority approved.

(5739) Low cost housing 3D.

INDIA. Aditya Birla Corporation ( Building materials group.

(9216) (9216-3D) Low cost house for Goa, Daman & Diu.

(9218) Low cost house for Tamil Nadu.

(9222) Low cost house for West Bengal.

(9224) Low cost duplex house for West Bengal)

(9226) Low cost, three story duplex apartment building for Madhya Pradesh.

(9228) Low cost house for Maharashtra.

MALDIVES. Villa Shipping & Trading ( Resorts & Building Products.

(9048) Tsunami reconstruction. 3 bedroom housing.

(9200) 16 unit workers accommodation block.

(9210) 3 story apartment block.