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North America

The Unibuild Technology was established in the USA in 1990.

Setting up a Unibuild Precast component business in the USA.

USA Engineering Reports on the Unibuild Technology.

The Unibuild Technology, USA,

Other examples of Unibuild projects in the USA.

The Unbuild Technology is assisting the earthquake
reconstruction in partnership with local associates. See examples.

The Unbuild Technology was recently invited to India
to convert a number of “traditional” house designs to “modular”
design for future mass production of the housing process.
The Tamil Nadu Government, as an example, is planning to build
2.1 million precast houses to replace all “traditional” huts.
See examples of some Indian projects.

The Unbuild Technology, through the Bangkok office, has
designed employee housing for an Australian gold mine operation.
See examples of workers accommodation blocks.

The Unbuild Technology has designed a number of tsunami
reconstruction projects and other buildings, some examples being,

The Unbuild Technology has designed many low cost
housing projects for a number of clients, some examples being,

The Unbuild Technology has designed several houses for
this region, converting local “traditional” plans.See examples.

The Unbuild Technology has redesigned many client
“traditional” designs, some examples being,

The Unbuild Technology was invited to Thailand in 2003 to
introduce low cost modular precast housing technology.
See range of Thailand projects.