Modular Building Systems

modular building systems

It’s Time Building Technology Grew Up…

Invest in “off site” modular building systems with prefabricated components, whether you are building homes or temporary building structures. The technology used in building “off site” modular homes and prefabricated building systems is based on extensive research and development to meet all types of design considerations such as cost, durability, strength and ability to sustain natural disasters.

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Unibuild’s Fire, Flood, Cyclone and other Hazard Proof “Off Site” Modular Building Technology

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The Differences between “Off Site” Modular and Conventional Construction

One question we get often is: “What is the single most important difference between the modular and conventional construction methods?” Conventional construction, or stick-built construction, has been in use for longer than anyone can remember and it’s difficult to think … Continue reading

How “Off Site” Modular Buildings Can Remedy Common Construction Problems

Many different industries are forced to operate, at times, in very remote areas or areas where there are few resources available. Industries like mining, energy production and oil excavation will often have to operate outside the grid and away from … Continue reading

A Look at “Off Site” Modular Construction

When buildings are prefabricated away from the site where they are supposed to be placed, this process is called modular construction, and it is quickly gaining popularity. There are numerous benefits to constructing any type of building- residence, office, warehouse, … Continue reading

Technical Details of 333 Unibuild Off-Site Modular Buildings Now Available For Technology Transfer

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