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It’s Time Building Technology Grew Up…

So, Buy Unibuild Modular Now. 




The 3 in 1 solution for developers, builders, architects and others wanting fire, flood and cyclone proof building structures.

OFF-SITE building technology for LOW RISE projects

CONVERT Traditional building plans for maximum off-site prefabrication

LOW-COST building material requirements replace most materials used in traditional construction

LOW-COST skilled and unskilled labour requirements

PROVEN in many countries since 1968. Concept is UNIVERSAL

OVER 350 modular projects of different designs

1500 design and construction details. 1150 construction photographs

AUTOCAD, Lotus 123 and Excel supporting files

POWER point presentations

ALL project management details

ALL construction plant, equipment and logistic details

GREEN, sustainable award winning technology

ACTIVE and passive solar energy buildings

STRUCTURES are fire, flood, earthquake, cyclone and tornado proof

REMOTE area and indigenous housing projects

MULTIPLE Housing Industry Association “Home of the Year” awards

MULTIPLE  Australian Institute of Building “Professional Excellence” awards

DEMONSTRATION  prefabrication plant and display building

Call us on +61 409 309 280, or email peter@unibuild.com to discuss the possibility of value adding Unibuild’s “off site” technology transfer to your established building organization, or future building organization.


wrenchUnibuild fully supports its technology transferred to the purchaser.

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