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It’s Time Building Technology Grew Up…

Invest in the Technology Transfer of  Unibuild’s “Off Site”modular prefabricated building structures.

UNIBUILD is a privately owned Australian building research company. Our proven “off site” modular prefabricated building system has been applied on many different client structures since 1968. The full package is now available for technology transfer to the low rise construction industry world wide. Perpetual licenses now available. 330 Modular Projects, 1500 Hard Copy Plans, 1150 Photographs, Acad, Lotus 123, Excel support files. (UNIBUILD TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OVERVIEW)

See www.unibuild.com/licensing/ for full details.


Call us on +61 409 309 280, or email peter@unibuild.com to discuss the possibility of value adding Unibuild’s “off site” technology transfer to your established building organisation, or future building organisation.


wrenchUnibuild fully supports its technology transferred to the Licensee.

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