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For over 40 years UNIBUILD (Est. 1970), has been converting traditional building designs to modular designs. This process enables the prefabrication of most of the building components, leading to a faster and better construction of modular homes. ONE precast mould shape makes the whole building (UB5710).

UNIBUILD is universal. Projects of modular homes have been designed and built to meet the challenges of extreme climate, difficult ground soils, earthquake zones, cyclonic and hurricane high wind regions, and high fire hazard terrain across the globe.

UNIBUILD means solutions …low cost housing, schools, offices, industrial factories, resort housing, building extensions, flats, townhouses and group housing, schools and child care centers, remote area mining camp housing and single person quarters, starter homes and shell housing for ‘do it yourself’ owner/builders, hospitals, retirement village homes, city and country solar powered environmental housing, horse stables and ablution blocks, recreational and sporting pavilions, hotels and motels, kit homes, permanent and temporary prefabricated structures to meet emergency situations like the recent SE Asian Tsunami.

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The Unibuild Technology, comprising several thousand design and construction details, photographs and project management files of more than 350 projects, is packaged on DVD and hard copy for easy Technology Transfer under License.